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Florida Residency Can Protect You

The Wilmette, Glenview and Northbrook estate planning lawyer of Sylvester Law Firm is licensed to practice law in Florida. Sylvester Law Firm represents numerous clients who have a significant connection with Florida, such as:

  1. Florida residency;
  2. mid-westerners who have second houses in Florida;
  3. non-residents who desire to become legal residents of Florida; and
  4. surviving family members of deceased Florida residents.

Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota residents who spend the winter months in Florida are referred to as "snowbirds. " If you are a snowbird, you should give serious consideration to becoming a legally recognized resident of Florida. If you divide your time between Florida and Illinois, Wisconsin or Minnesota, you can achieve many benefits by establishing Florida as your official place of residence. As a legally recognized resident of Florida, you will benefit through Florida 's favorable tax laws, asset protection laws, and estate planning options.

How do I establish Florida as my official domicile? Government authorities, including taxing authorities and courts, examine whether someone is actually a Florida resident by looking at the facts of each case. However, judicial and administrative decisions point to many things you can do to improve your chances of being recognized as a legal resident of Florida, such as:

  1. complete and file a Declaration of Domicile;
  2. obtain a Florida driver's license;
  3. register your car(s) in Florida and obtain Florida license plates;
  4. register to vote in Florida, and actually vote;
  5. prepare a Florida will and/or trust;
  6. prepare Florida powers of attorney;
  7. list Florida as your residence on all official documents;
  8. pay taxes in Florida ;
  9. use your Florida residence when filing your tax returns;
  10. apply for homestead exemption in Florida ;
  11. establish a bank account in Florida ;
  12. have your assets managed by a Florida-based financial advisor;
  13. notify Social Security of your Florida residency;
  14. notify Medicare of your Florida residency;
  15. list your Florida residence on all credit card accounts;
  16. rent a safe deposit box in Florida; and
  17. join organizations in Florida (church, synagogue, social, etc.).

Legal residency is a concept that can have significant consequences. If you want to establish Florida as your legal residence, you should, at a minimum, satisfy the above recommendations.

The Illinois and Florida estate attorney of Sylvester Law Firm welcomes your questions concerning the benefits that can be achieved through Florida residency. You are invited to call the Chicago estate lawyer at (847) 251-2999 to obtain answers to your important questions about Florida residency.

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